Designated purpose: whether it is necessary to report for expenditure of means in a pawnshop

Designated purpose: whether it is necessary to report for expenditure of means in a pawnshop

Whether it is necessary to report for expenditure of means in a pawnshop

Receiving the credit some time ago was history long and expensive for nervous system. Banks could consider demands within a month and as a result it is simple to refuse on the most unclear bases. These monopolists of the market of financial services laid down conditions which exhausted private borrowers in very narrow framework. For receiving the banal sum of money it was required to collect mass of documents, to certify the organization in the ideal credit history and so on. Inconveniences simply weight.

But not so long ago in the market of financial services the large commercial organizations had competitors. Pawnshops and the small companies providing short-term loans became them. Their advantages: fast registration, a small amount of demanded documents, is not present need for the guarantor. So, the credit on the security of the car can be received immediately. Thus, the attention of the organization is turned only to a pledge condition, its other things do not interest. The income of the borrower and the guarantor is that interests exclusively banking institutions. Here it is enough to have own motor transport. Dependence between the possible sum of a loan and the car is simple – than in the best condition there is a car and than she on herself is more valuable, to those more for it can give.

Unlike other commercial organizations, this loan has no special-purpose character. To obtain the credit on the security of a car there is no need to provide information, on what you want to spend the received money. Travel to Maldives, the new TV, an urgent duty, drugs or operation – the reason for this purpose can be, any.

If there are no such acquaintances or relatives who can lend the considerable sum, and the bank demands too many documents, or not time them to bring together, a real exit – to give a car on the security. The same concerns also a situation if the credit history is far not in the best condition. In total it is possible to receive the demanded sum for a couple of hours.

Autopawnshops never force the clients to report about expenditure of means. After all their it also does not interest. Enough that on hand there is a car which, as a last resort, will cover all costs. It also is a guarantee of that the company will not appear in накладе even in case the borrower cannot pay the full sum. There is only one indispensable condition – the car cannot be under pledge twice.

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