Why there is no money?

Why there is no money?And you know, on as where your money leave? Very many complain that money never suffices to them, and that they are compelled to earn more. However if these people to ask, how many money is necessary for them, the majority cannot call any concrete sum. Simply these people do not know, how many it is necessary for them money for payment of accounts and for daily expenses. If you too do not know precisely on what, and how many your money leaves, you should start to learn to count the money!

So, it is necessary for you to get a special writing-book in which you will enter all expenses, to the last kopek. If you conduct these records within several months, you can understand that, on what you spend own money.

There are two ways to increase quantity of the savings in purse – to increase the income and to cut expenses. For this purpose it is necessary for you to divide all expenses on two groups in the writing-book: the expenses being necessary, compelled, and expenses which those are not. Look, what you can easily refuse, then you will see that a certain sum in a purse remains.

You should remember that money loves the account. However it is not necessary to cross a side between a rationality of expenditure and greed.

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