Stock, bond, mutual fund, and option listings are readily available from many sources. If you want to start trading, you can do it over the phone with a broker or online directly. You can get advice or you can be totally self-directed. There is a huge range of commissions (costs) for executing trades. Do your homework here.

The link http://finance. yahoo. com/ gives market updates and has a tab that offers quotes. Following this link will give you stock, bond, and option listings. There’s a wealth of other resources available here, too.

The link http://www. aistockcharts. com/stock_correlation_tree_tool_help. htm offers a stock correlation tool. This link takes you to the introductory help page.

Vanguard (http://www. vanguard. com/us/FundsS tocksOverview? gh_sec=n? WT. srch=1) is a mutual fund seller with many different offerings. I’m not suggesting that this is better or worse than many other companies, but I think that this is a very educational site.

Merrill Lynch (http://www. mldirect. ml. com/) is a large financial services firm. Again, I ’ m not promoting this firm over the many others, but I think this is an informative website.

E*Trade (https://us. etrade. com/e/t/welcome/openanaccount? SC=NPNT8YD& WT. mc_id=NPNT8YD&WT. srch=1) is one of the new generation of financial ser­vices firms that started as an online company rather than adding online services to a traditional financial services company.

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