One more representative of electronic monetary systems

One more representative of electronic monetary systems

One more "representative" of electronic monetary systems

Now electronic payment systems acquired great popularity. If speaks about perfect money, it concedes to other large projects, as is at the bottom of small volume of information on it in a global network.

Registration here does not represent special complexity as Russian is supported. It is necessary to bring the data in a special form then you receive on e-mail the personal number (ID), allowing login.

It is necessary to know that perfect money works with the American dollar, euro and gold. At this ID is suitable only for login, number of the corresponding accounts absolutely others. As well as in Webmoney, they begin certain letters – U, E and G. In structure of Perfect Money there are 3 types of accounts: all beginners receive Normal degree, in a year of use – Premium (that will lower interest rates on some operations), the most exclusive is the account Partner characterizing high trust to this client.

Besides base operations (input, a conclusion, an exchange of means), it is possible to receive a statement of accounts to obtain analytical data on exchange rates to write the message through internal mail, and also to familiarize with history of all carried-out operations. Also consumer bonuses, individual refferalny system for partners are provided.

Safety in Perfect Money system is guaranteed by check of the user on an IP code, authorization by means of the SMS (paid service), use of the code card (the graphic representation is sent on mail).

Perfect Money – excellent possibility to earn thanks to a currency exchange. However thus it is necessary to understand specifics of electronic commerce well.

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