Contribution: investment or care of safety?

Contribution: investment or care of safety?

Contribution: investment or care of safety?

During the crisis period many of us opened for themselves benefit of deposit accounts. They allow to secure means and thus to get a certain profit for the account «works of money». However crisis honor минул, and deposits became less popular. In particular and consequently that are less profitable. So shows today the deposit: it is a way of earnings (that is an investment) or after all simply care of safety of means (including from the economic processes destroying the capital)?

Alas, to offer on that and another today deposits cannot. Those who already knows, the depositary contribution can already be how favorable, most likely, faced such problem: the client, wishing to put the money for the deposit, is favorable to only small banks, and those cause not enough trust.

It is interesting that favorable deposits in Banks of Moscow – much more frequent phenomenon, than in the cities with smaller population and density of that. And all because popularity of the city is directly proportional to popularity in it bank services which, in turn, brings into this city and banks. In a word, to find suitable option in the big city it is simpler. It is much heavier to define as far as it suits you. However and there are some "secrets".

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to that, program how offered by bank corresponds to criterion of received profit. After that at once it is necessary to make sure that the chosen bank gets profit at the level allowing it with "plus" for, to pay due to you. As at once specify possibility of complete closing of the account. A ban of such operation – the phenomenon rare, however nevertheless meeting.

As to trust of the capital one or to several banks and as one or to several currencies – here opinions of experts disperse, and therefore the decision remains only for you.

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