Electronic purse: as what to choose

Electronic purse: as what to choose

Electronic purse: what to choose

Today payment for services and the goods is possible in many ways. Cash, check, credit card, electronic money. Here these last all become more widespread every day. But for many are still represented by a riddle. What is such, from where undertakes, where disappears how to receive … 

Electronic money is necessary for payment of the same for what usual money is necessary also. These are purchases, services, consultations. But only on the Internet. For creation of electronic purses there is a lot of systems. Therefore we suggest you to familiarize with the main. So, саамы in our country WebMoney (WebMoney), Yandex are popular. Money, PayPal and LiqPay.

The most important to remember that it is the same money, but in electronic form. Can be as in dollars, euro, and in hryvnias and rubles. To receive a virtual purse, it is necessary to be registered in a certain system. Then you receive a purse and special keys for work with it. Connection and service the free. And here replenishment of a purse or a conclusion of means will demand payment. An exchange wmz (dollars) it is possible призводить in special points. In bank from you will take from 1,5 to 5 percent, and terminals from 5 to 7.

Yandex. Money is not so convenient to that is difficult to recharge a purse. As to money transfer, it can be made only by means of Russian банокв. Therefore this service is represented to inhabitants of Ukraine not especially convenient. If to you has the luck to find not numerous points on an exchange, be going to pay a translation service from 3 to 10 percent.

The LiqPay system is the cheapest. It is possible to call it system of virtual money of Privatbank. Purse registration, its service and even replenishment will be free. In system all operations are also free. Removal of means will manage до1,5 percent. One but: attachment to one bank.

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