That is necessary to know about electronic money

That is necessary to know about electronic money

electronic money

Despite that the concept of "electronic money" appeared rather recently, their role in modern life increases in a geometrical progression. Being analog of paper notes habitual for us, they surpass the last by the simplicity in use and existence of many functions. So, for today the exchange of electronic money, purchase with their help of the goods and services, payment mobile and Internet communications, accounts etc. is possible.

To get electronic money, it is necessary to choose a certain payment system where and to put money. This structure includes branch of bank, a payment card, the terminal and ATMs for self-service, and also the system providing transfer of means. Thus the password is necessary for access to the personal account.

If on the virtual account you want to materialize money, for this operation it is necessary to own the bank card where will transfer the necessary sum with the commission. With it you should address in exchange office.

Among electronic payment systems, without doubts, «WebMoney» uses the greatest popularity. The number of users exceeds 10 million. It provides payment of the various goods and services on the Internet. There is a possibility to choose currency of money. The commission – 0,8 %. Blocking of accounts, on responses of some participants, happen unilateral.

Settlement currency of not less developed system «Yandex. Money» the ruble is. Here the commission makes 3 %. In the list of admissible services are included such, as payment of accounts of housing and communal services, purchase of a set of the goods, etc.

About 164 million users are from all over the world registered in PayPal system. It totals 18 currencies among which the ruble is not present. The commission at removal of money raises only from the recipient.

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