Open company registration in Ukraine

Open company registration in UkraineRegistration of open company is a form of business activity of organizational and legal character. Three big "About" designate "limited liability company".

Why to register open company?

• To give the status of the legal entity.
• To complete money.
• To have the right and possibility to appoint the director.
• That at will most to become the director.

Step-by-step registration of open company

1 step. You should choose the name of the firm.
The name should be special, be able to draw attention. It is necessary to check it on identity.

2 step. It is necessary to choose number of staff of your firm.
K-in workers depends on type of your firm. Surely, certainly, there should be a director and the accountant.

3 step. To choose the founder (-it) at open company registration.
The minimum open company to-in founders – 1 person (the physical or legal entity.). Maximum can reach no more than 100 persons.

4 step. To form authorized capital for Limited liability company.
The authorized capital is formed at the expense of an investment of shares of participants in special fund of your enterprise. Shares are material values. They can be in a various form. It both money, and the securities, even a personal estate such, as cars, well and real estate – houses, apartments, warehouses (not necessarily inhabited).

5 step. To choose types of economic activity for open company.
It is possible to choose to 6 kinds of activity or as them still call, codes.

6 step. To choose taxation system. For example, in Ukraine 3 systems of the taxation for legal entities today operate:

• the simplified system of the taxation (the uniform tax is 10 % from a turn to 1 million/year);
• the general system of the taxation (the profit tax of the enterprise is 23 %);
• the general with the VAT (the profit tax is 23 % + the VAT of 20 %).

7 step. The notary should certify the filled application for registration (a form – Р11001). The notary on the last leaf appends the signature and the press, and also he specifies own INN and number of registration record.

8 step. It is necessary to prepare constituent documents. Such as:

• accurate charter;
• document of the participant of firm;
• the foundation agreemtn (it is possible a little).

Limited liability of founders at a rate of their deposits is advantage of such organizational and legal form or the enterprise before others. Therefore, if you finally and irrevocably made the decision to begin own business, registration of open company will be the best and most optimized decision for you.

Author of article: Mikhail Arslanov
Professional investor, trader
Financial and investment adviser

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