Pledge of fur coats in a pawnshop

Pledge of fur coats in a pawnshopFur coat purchase from natural fur – excellent investment of money as at financial problems, it can always become a pledge subject in a pawnshop, and will help operatively and without any delays to encash the necessary sum.

Procedure of pledge of property in a pawnshop is quite simple: It is necessary for you to provide a fur coat to the expert for establishment of cost of a product, and also the document confirming your personality (the passport, the military ID etc.). Depending on a condition of a fur product the offered sum can reach 70 % concerning its valid cost. To issue pledge of a fur coat in a pawnshop it is possible for any term: from one days to one year.

Estimated cost influences: what fur was used for product tailoring – integral plates, lumpy, short-haired, shchipanny, painted or natural color. The important moment is ponoshennost degree, existence of factory marking and certificates on a fur product. After careful visual survey the expert can sound estimated cost of a fur coat (taking into account the market average prices) and the size of the credit which it is supposed to give out.

At the satisfactory answer of the client pass to contract drawing up, stipulate terms of delivery and loan repayment, an interest rate and other important data. The fur products which have not been redeemed in time, are stored in a pawnshop within a month on which expiration the subject of pledge is exposed on sale. For storage of fur products in a pawnshop there is specially equipped aired room. Employees of a pawnshop provide to fur coats appropriate leaving.

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