Fraud in world wide web

Fraud in world wide web

Fraud in "world wide web"

How often to you suggest to "earn additionally" on the Internet? And how investments of personal means often are thus necessary? Agree, both that and another happens often. Important presently, in a century of information technologies not to mix real possibilities of earnings and fraud. Here some «standard schemes».

Investments. It is the special subject which has developed together with "celebration" of mass media and the Internet. The swindler, as a rule, creates the information site devoted to a subject of earnings "without leaving the house" and suggests to invest own funds for some term on which expiration you draw huge interest. Thus the swindler can "be covered" with quite loud names of the become famous people, names of already known, rich firms.

Agiotage. As a rule, the agiotage is created round some goods. Very often actions of some firm become that. Having bought up them at the "waste" price, swindlers wish to sell them more expensively. Thus they extend about the company (which actions are at them in hands) obviously false, but very favorable (for themselves, certainly) information. So demand for these actions is created and their sale begins. When swindlers are satisfied with result of "auction" everything settles into shape, including and a stock value. Thus these actions can as to be redeemed by the same people later, and the scheme will repeat again.

Pyramid. It, perhaps, the most known, thanks to the company "MMM" a type of the fraud which have received a new push presently at the expense of publicity and anonymity of the Internet. But, despite that our many fellow citizens already endured this «bitter experience», pyramids and still exist and prosper.

Not get on "fishing tackle" of such swindlers you can, accurately filtering information offered in a network, without accepting fast decisions, analyzing each word, without trusting «fast and huge profits», promised from scratch. Remember great and rich this world and think: who from them became rich quickly?

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