Written divorce

Written divorceIn the territory of Ukraine the firm was exposed, which activity consisted mainly in enticing at citizens money by means of letters. The penalty, the size in 1,7 million in national currency appeared result of work of Antimonopoly committee written out on the company «Post shop». However violators of the law nevertheless evaded from payment of the sum put to the state. How? The matter is that the company simply disappeared still before to them handed over the decision of committee and court.

The scheme of work is quite simple: to the person send the personal letter with the address in which it is told that it has every chance to win an expensive prize or a large sum of money. Thus the address can be not only from the company which is located in the territory of the country, but also from the foreigner. In any case, you are offered to grant a certain sum or to acquire any goods to win. Remember that foreigners prefer to use the professional translation of documents which is carried out by experts. Such text will correspond to all rules of language. Whether such text was received by you?

If you ask to get something, surely learn about that, how many there are the same goods in the market or in usual shop. Most likely, cost is overestimated several times. If it so, after a while you will surely ask to get still something, attracting the same "illusive" prize.

The letter can be sent as mail to the physical address, and by e-mail, thus the address (that is a name and a surname or a patronymic) can incorrectly be declined. If you will ask to send some sum of money or to pay the order – be careful – with big degree of probability it is attempt to entice at you money.

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