To invest in crisis it is possible, but

are careful To invest in crisis it is possible, but

To invest in crisis it is possible, but it is careful

In developed at present in the market of financial and bank services of a situation the best decision would be to avoid contact to Europe. However to realize such decision in case you play in stock market it is almost impossible, and therefore it is necessary to operate differently: it is careful and thought over. It is possible to invest available money in construction of a country house – quite popular method of investment and the least risky. It is possible to keep the habitual direction. Here 10 companies which are stablest and safe for investment of money.

Abbott Laboratories sends for export more than 58 % of own production, thus factor of sensitivity to Europe and to all in it to the events makes only 0.48. Company specialization – production of pharmaceutical preparations, medical products and diagnostic devices.

American Tower Corp owns and successfully operates communication sites, being thus the holding company. For export 26.3 % of production are made, and sensitivity to Europe makes 0.77.

Ball Corp is sensitive to Europe on 0.87 point and exports 38.1 % of production – metal container for drinks and food.

Sensitivity of the BMC Software Inc company. Makes 0.71 points. 48.5 % of the developed software are exported.

Brown-Forman Corp. exports 55.5 % of the made alcoholic beverages. Sensitivity makes 0.77 that is quite quite good for production of this direction.

The Chubb Corporation depends on Europe on 0.79 point and exports 25.9 % of the products. It is the holding insurance company having a set of subsidiaries.

The worldfamous producer of consumer goods of Colgate-Palmolive Co depends on Europe on 0.67 point and exports 78.5 % of production.

Caused a stir stability and IBM – at 0.78 points of dependence on the European market 65.4 % of production are exported.

Johnson and Johnson – the corporation on production of cosmetics has factor of dependence at 0.55 and exports 55.5 % of the made goods.

As depends on Europe and McDonald’s Corp, however export here makes 68.4 % from total amount of production.

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