«Reasonable expense of the income» or «House accounts department in a section».

There are the people living from a salary to a salary, sometimes at all without holding out till this light holiday, but there are also others at which the family budget does not "go to pieces", such even manage to finish month from the rest of money! Whether it is time to us to learn thrift and a rational expense of money?
Money love the account! It seems, with it nobody argues. The thrift in an economy at all does not mean greed, calculations help reasonably and to distribute correctly the house budget between necessary and pleasures. Doubtless plus of a thrift possibility to save some sum on larger purchases appears.
With what we will begin? The option is not new, but is effective: we buy a thick writing-book in a section!

Halve a leaf and in the left column write down all monetary injections in the family budget. In the right – account, it is meaningful to enter in detail all purchases and even their quantity. It will help to define precisely, how many money in a month leaves on a food, journey, payment of utilities, schools and gardens, gasoline, the Internet, etc. Besides, a month later – the second, we will precisely know, how many sugar or coffee is required for a month. Agree, it is much more favorable to shop once, than to be wound on grocery shops weekly.
Having made the approximate analysis of expenses in a month and having received salaries on hands, we start to plan expenses. First of all I advise to pay for services, thus we will postpone a part of money for food (we already know, how many), an economy and journey. The rest we distribute on purchase of necessary things: clothes, cosmetics, household goods. A part we postpone on seasonal and contingencies. Probably, will conveniently display money on envelopes with "designated purposes".
Having held on some months, we find accurate control over the family budget, we will know, where money leaves, we will learn to plan expenses and even to save!

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