Till the end of 2012 g steel will rise in price for 11-12 %

Till the end of 2012 g steel will rise in price for 11-12 %

Till the end of 2012 g steel will rise in price for 11-12 %

Representatives of the Ministry of economic development and trade declared on July 12 possible rise in prices for steel till the end of this year. Thus the difference will make 11-12 % that speaks increase in demand in the USA and China. At the expense of rise in prices participants of the market hope partially to compensate losses of the I half-year.

Yury Derkach, the head of department of development of the chemical industry and mining and metallurgical complex of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, reported that steel products cost (fittings, the katanka, flanges steel, etc.) for the last week increased.

The reasons of increase of demand also are the anti-recessionary program in the European Union for which realization allocated 130 billion euro, support thanking a loyal monetary policy of the USA of stable growth rates, and also revival of real sector of economy of China. Experts assure that in the IV quarter these measures will result in additional demand in 2,3 million tons and to a rise in prices for metallurgical production. According to these IK "Renaissance Capital", the last are now on a minimum and for 8 % lag behind peak values of the first half of the year. As the winter stood out very cold, ports froze and export of steel products stopped. As the main reason of bad spring sales consider financial disorders in the European Union countries and political excitements in North Africa and in the Middle East.

According to Sergey Pritamanov, the chairman of Federation of metallurgists to improve situation in the Ukrainian metallurgy this year any more it will not be possible. Increase in demand in domestic market could become the optimum decision, to create which it is possible at the expense of large-scale infrastructure projects. However, except annual promises while it is undertaken nothing. As to the state projects for Euro-2012, steel the state contractors ordered for the unclear reasons abroad.

It should be noted that by data "Metallurgprom", for the first half of the year 2012 production of steel in Ukraine made 16,8 million tons, and it for 0,97 % more similar period of 2011.

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