The most profitable and most unprofitable

The most profitable and most unprofitable

The most profitable and the most unprofitable

Deciding to enclose terribly earned money in any bank or the commercial organization, the investor is simply obliged to find and familiarize with information on what reputation this or that establishment uses. To make it it is necessary not "for appearances’ sake" and to make sure that money is entrusted to the reliable organization. As the economic crisis carried by on the world introduced such rigid amendments in the financial world that would not be desirable to risk once again. 

So, last year, the most part of banks had profit in the first half of the year. If to be more exact, nearly eighty percent of all operating banks. And the size of net profit made a little more than three billion hryvnias.

On the first place among all banks there is a Privatbank. On the second place with profit less almost OTP Bank twice follows, and closes the three of leaders of VTB Bank which does not lag behind almost the second place on the size of profit.

Least pay attention to plates for office when make the opinion on bank. They can be both plastic, and aluminum, both in a frame, and without, golden and silvery, expensive and not so – but all this influences good work of the commercial organization a little. So, apparently, reliable Rodovid Bank is in the lead among those who incurred huge losses. In total their nearly twenty percent from all banks. The company Rodovida made Pireus Bank, and also Ukrsibbank.

In total losses banks incurred neither much, nor it is not enough on more than one billion hryvnias. And the joint result of work of banks with negative indicators made a little more than 4 billions. Therefore at a choice of bank it is necessary to keep extra care.

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