The facts about money and million

The facts about money and million

The facts about money and millions

The word "one million" which designates one thousand thousands, was thought up by the well-known traveler Marco Polo. The Italian word to "mile" designates one thousand, and the termination "they" – magnifying, it is similar to Russian termination "looking for", "look for" in words, for example, "domishche" or «ручища». The word "one million", thus, corresponds to Russian word "tysyachishcha" which does not exist in language in principle. Marco Polo invented this word to describe, what extraordinary riches the East possesses.

The word "denga" (silver coin) in Ancient Russia occurred from Tatar the word "tanga". For the first time the coin arose in Asia Minor at lideyets in the VII century B.C. Already then monetary stamping got into Greece. Exactly there the coin as the bank note replaced with itself all previous systems of calculations – metal ingots, cattle, bread, and also many other things. The very first yard for stamping of coins appeared in Ancient Rome, in Juno Monety’s temple. From here, actually, and name "coin".

Naturally, today there is still quite large number of hypotheses and assumptions, from where there were coins and why one million call one million. Scientists and experts in this sphere conduct disputes and discussions, proving the case and defending own point of view.

If you not such person to reflect on an origin of similar words, pay attention to the child. The children’s stomatology as parents do not need to take care about health of own son or the daughter will be the very first step which will show all your care and attention to the kid.

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