Road debt of 220 million hryvnias of

Road debt of 220 million hryvnias of

"Road" debt of 220 million hryvnias

The mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovoy quite recently promised that at meeting at the president concerning Euro-2012 will bring up a question of state budget debts for repair of roads in Lviv. The sum called by the city chairman makes 220 million hryvnias which are not given out today yet to contractors. Thus it is a question not only of such nuances, as an asphalt crumb, an asfaltny covering, a shchebnevy layer, etc.

Andrey Sadovoy noted, as it is important, that these means arrived and contractors received them shortly. Certainly, there is a lot of problem questions, but they concern a small amount of people. That fact that there pass football matches, it is impossible to ignore in any way, after all it is serious chance for the city – to leave on other level of development.

«The most important now is an our heartiest welcome. As far as we, as owners, residents with honor and advantage will open the heart and we will welcome guests, having shown power and force of our city to cause in guests desire again to arrive to us. The economy is surprisingly simple – one tourist during the stay leaves about 400 dollars in Lviv. These are thousands workplaces in hotels, restaurants, other establishments … Affability for money you will not buy», – the Lvov mayor stated the vision of a situation.

He also added, it is possible what to improve all and daily though everything that was required from workers, they executed. According to information on «ZAXID.NET», Garden sees certain difficulties with public funds this year. During session on March 1 he reported that for 2011 monetary debts of Lviv reach 200 million hryvnias. These are those means, for which contractors carried out repairs independently. The city still expects them from the state on repair of roads to Euro-2012.

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