MVA and myths

MVA and myths

MVA and myths

MVA is considered the elite educational center. But many experts consider that existence of such diploma not always is existence of brilliant knowledge which can be put into practice. Therefore we will consider myths and the stereotypes connected with such people.

The first stereotype says that graduates of MVA think shablonno. But after all many people who have left MVA are leaders in the prestigious companies, which it is heavy to become if not to show an initiative and not to think creatively.

The following stereotype – about world crisis. Many disagree that graduates of this are guilty of crisis school business. Simply people studying there, often occupy executive positions. But it still about anything does not speak. By the way, business school is the organization offering education in the sphere of a business management. Teach in them all aspects necessary for conducting of own business.

It is possible to call one more stereotype too high self-conceit of owners of the diploma of MVA concerning other people. Here everything to banality simply: the opinion high or low about itself depends on features of character of the specific person. Also as well as stars of show business "are ill" or not star fever.

Other erroneous opinion is that people with the diploma of MVA patronize other graduates of this organization. The truth is that all normal heads first of all consider not diplomas and certificates, and knowledge and abilities of the person.

The following myth says that the people disaccustomed in MVA, cannot use the knowledge in practice. But many deny this fact. Saying to that pupils of this school – the businessmen, which all received knowledge checks at the enterprises. Therefore to whom as not it to be able to use the received knowledge.

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