Multiple currency deposits

Multiple currency depositsToday among our compatriots rouble deposits use bigger popularity that actually it is not surprising, as rates on such deposits are much higher, than on deposits in currency and the ruble keeps recently the good fellow. However, if to speak frankly, a half of percent on rouble deposits is eaten by inflation that somewhat equalizes rates on deposits in national and foreign currency.

Advertizing of one bank in which to investors recommended «to store eggs in different baskets» was a few years ago popular. It is natural that it was a question not in literal sense of eggs, but during too time everyone perceived these words in own way. Someone opened deposits in several banks, having divided the savings into equal parts, others, having truly understood its sense, began to open multiple currency deposits.

Now, the investor can open the deposits some not connected with each other in different currency, or, and this option is suitable for those who is ready to take direct part in increase in the income on the deposit, opening of one contribution providing transition of one currency in another on an extent of all period of validity of the contract more.

This type of a contribution reminds games in the financial market as it is necessary for investor to watch constantly a course of the chosen currencies more, and at growth of one of them, in time to manage to carry out converting. For convenience of the clients, many banks suggest the clients to make transfer of currencies through Internet banking.

To shortcomings of this contribution carry a low interest rate, rather large sum of an initial contribution, and also impossibility of removal or replenishment of money, and in certain cases, existence of the minimum rest on all currencies.

As to the rouble deposits opened in different banks, this procedure is meaningful only if the sum on each of deposits does not exceed 700 thousand. After all according to a state program insurance of deposits if the bank is declared bancrupt, investors can receive back money in the size which is not exceeding this sum.

Certainly, finally, everyone solves for itself(himself), as, in what quantity and the main thing where to store the savings. If you are confident in the forces, and are ready to devote a maximum of time to studying of the currency market, it is quite possible to try to receive the income by means of a multiple currency contribution. However if you do not pursue the aim of fast accumulation, and for you it is much more important let small, but a stable gain, classical deposits, it that is necessary for you.

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