Main advantages of accumulative life insurance

Main advantages of accumulative life insuranceDespite the fact that circumstance that in the majority of the developed countries accumulative life insurance has long history, in our country it only started to develop.

The majority of our compatriots simply yet up to the end understand, life insurance, as well as insurance on a dismissal case why is necessary. In this article we will try to shine the main aspects of accumulative life insurance and its advantage.

Main advantages of accumulative life insurance:

  1. Reliable preservation of money. It is the most conservative way of investment, so – one of the most reliable.
  2. Profitability during all period of validity of the contract. The maximum profitability which is offered by insurance companies – 4 percent (it is established by the legislation). But unless there is still any tool which would guarantee you profitability within 30-50 years. Practice showed that profitability at insurers same, and sometimes and above, than at banks.
  3. Receiving the "delayed" cash flow. Accumulative life insurance is investments into a cash flow which is delayed on period of validity of your contract with insurance company.
  4. Protection of money against inflation. Many programs of accumulative insurance have an option of indexation of an insurance premium. Each next year the client pays the sum which is increased by the official amount of inflation in the country. But thus the sums of accumulative life insurance also increase according to the amount of inflation.
  5. Insurance protection. Very important factor is insurance protection on a death or disability case on an etiology or accident. Having signed the contract and having brought only the first payment, you right there receive financial protection at a rate of all amount of coverage which repeatedly exceeds the first payment.
  6. Solution of a pension problem. The main function of accumulative insurance – the solution of a pension problem. From – that pension money is very important for people, insurance companies rigidly supervise various public services, and also many restrictions that it is possible to do with money of the client are imposed. In addition, pension money cannot be taken out from the country, they should work for its economy.
  7. Lifelong pension. Agree that it is much more pleasant to live, understanding that, how many you would not live, – you always have money.

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