Legal protection of your business

Legal protection of your businessIf your organization wants to register the trademark, or deduce on the market a new brand, or for your company the logo is necessary, in any case you need to register a trademark. It is procedure begins with preparation of documents and application in Federal institute of an industrial property, the following stages – formal examination, trademark examination, and actually issue of the certificate of the corresponding sample, a protecting exclusive right to a trademark within 10 years. Further its action it is possible to prolong unlimited quantity of times each ten years. All procedure of registration of a trademark is accompanied by extensive official correspondence. The competent, qualified and timely answers to inquiries essentially reduce terms of consideration of the demand.

Many Russian companies with a view of economy rather often avoid passing of such long procedure. They yet do not realize that registration of a trademark of firm, on the contrary, allows to avoid losses, conflict situations and unexpected expenses. More than that is this favorable capital investment since the untwisted trademark it is possible to sell or provide the right to its use according to the contract.

Means of an individualization and results of intellectual activity, are under protection of the law, but for this purpose it is necessary to take out the patent for the invention, for useful model. Issue of the patent for the invention is carried out by Federal service on intellectual property. Also performance of many functions connected with this procedure, is transferred to its subordinated institutions. Procedure of obtaining the patent for the invention and the patent for useful model («the small invention») identical, distinction only in terms of legal protection. The patent for the invention gives legal protection for the term up to 20 years, and on useful model – till 10 years.

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