Legal profession in the sphere of criminal cases

Legal profession in the sphere of criminal casesLegal support according to the Federal act of Russia existing at present behind number 63-FZ from May thirty first, 2002 can appear the lawyer on the majority of criminal cases. This law regulates lawyer activity and legal profession work therefore and is called.

Citizens receive a legal aid which is expressed in protection of interests of the principal. This help appears at all stages of investigation, during each of which you can ask a question to the lawyer, and also the representation of the citizen is carried out. These powers the legal profession institute possesses only. As to criminal lawyers, to business them allow only in the presence of the warrant which is written out by lawyer education where the lawyer is registered.

The extract is based on the agreement between the principal and his lawyer. Skilled lawyers are true professionals who develop own strategy and methods of protection and perfectly are guided in spheres of criminal law and processes. As criterion for an assessment of professionalism the number of the won affairs can serve. The lawyer should be able to understand various subtleties of investigatory process and maintenance of charges effectively to apply various tactical receptions and dodges to competently built protection.

Such stage-by-stage work will allow to increase safety of the client substantially. The lawyer on support of criminal cases will provide the qualified help that guarantees ensuring the rights of the principal at each stage of process. With the request for services can address both accused, and the victim, both the defendant, and the witness. The end result is influenced by time of intervention of the lawyer, that is, during what moment of process it will start to work. Achievement of optimum result is promoted by work from the initial stages of process.

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