Inheritance will quicker receive?

Inheritance will quicker receive?


The Sberbank of Russia declared that testing of the new system allowing successors of pochivshy citizens of the Russian Federation to receive operational and reliable information about began, whether there were at deceased any deposits or accounts in Sberbank. Such message appeared in the marker edition. If earlier data collection process about financial affairs died, initiated by his (her) successors, was carried out notaries within 2-3 weeks, now this term will be reduced till 1-2 days. It will be realized by means of delivery to notaries of a digital signature thanks to which they can get access to Sberbank data, requesting information necessary for their clients.

All this operation will be carried out online. Notaries can receive information on account existence, on in what Sberbank branch the client, well and, certainly, about a state of the account was served. Earlier for obtaining these data it was necessary to fill and send the letter of inquiry in bank, to expect the answer.

Testing began with 3 branches of Sberbank: West Uralsk, Moscow and North Caucasian. If testing passes successfully, such system soon will appear and in other branches of bank.

According to notaries, this system, certainly, much more will simplify and will accelerate the business management, concerning inheritance. A difference only notaries however will feel. «According to our legislation, term of acceptance of the rights of inheritance can be carried out within 6 months. Thus, the certificate on the right to inheritance will be handed over to the successor not earlier than in half a year» – Pavel Lambrov, the lawyer speaks.

Well, the system is, the rights are … There was a business only behind inheritance: it is time to adjust the printing of books, that was what to leave to successors on accounts in Sberbank! They should estimate an innovation!

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