How to save on housing repair?

How to save on housing repair?

How to save on housing repair?

Beginning the long-awaited apartment renovation everyone of us tries to minimize the expenses. For this purpose it is necessary to adhere to the following simple rules:

1) Accurately plan the budget of the repair company. The estimate in construction, especially at repair finishing works in 99 % is revised towards increase. It is connected with that in operating time there are contingencies (grows the quantity of electric points, instead of a laminate the parquet board keeps within, plastic doors are established, etc.). Therefore count as a stock of another 15-20 % over the expected sum.

2) It is necessary to familiarize with quality of the executed objects in advance. Consider, on "labor market" it is possible to find the inexpensive expert, but as practice shows, it can appear "potboiler". Prefer the average prices.

3) Presence of the foreman or the construction superintendent, i.e. the expert which is capable to supervise all work is obligatory. He also can give to you competent advice at a material choice for furnish or explain this or that technological process.

4) If to speak about terms of carrying out repair, the one-room apartment without furniture, as a rule, prepares within a month. Remember that furniture existence indoors will demand additional fee.

5) At carrying out repair work according to the available design project it is desirable to watch each stage, differently then it will be more difficult to liquidate errors of team.

6) Do not forget to fix officially on paper all arrangements: to the construction superintendent hand over one copy, another – leave to itself. At emergence of disagreements you should not pay work of builders in addition.

7) If you possess any skills in carrying out repair, safely start working. Thus it will be possible not only to keep money, but also to improve the ability.

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