Great even in penalties

are great Great even in penalties

Great even in penalties are great

Happened unprecedented and unexpected – the investigation which is carried out by European Commission concerning the Google company, it was informed. And now we can judge financial consequences of this financial problem.

In 2010 started researches which were initiated by European Commission for check of legality of actions of the company in the market of Internet services. This year the commission published preliminary results of the research on the basis of which suggested the companies to reconsider principles of work of a search engine. It appeared that the system of online search existing nowadays yields huge losses to a set of the companies. After some big search resources put forward the claims against Google, to their example many organizations among which there were very many enterprise companies arrived. In a word, against Google all Europe – from the companies which are engaged in car sale and to united almost what sphere are sold women’s shoes wholesale various quality and the most various cost.

What became the reason of so loud scandal? The Google company at present exclusively owns nearly 80 percent of the market. Besides the company started besides a search engine also a social network, e-mail and owns the popular YouTube service. Thus nearly 80 % of all Internet inquiries are processed in Google. Then that this huge business for antimonopoly committee?

If Google disagrees to make concessions and make changes to operating algorithms, the company is threatened by a record penalty in 3.8 billion US dollars. It is an absolute record on the penalty sum in the world. However, experts say that and a sluggishness of decisions of the commission can give speed of change of algorithms in Google systems, eventually, to that any changes will be impossible and need for them will not be.

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