From where crisis undertook?

From where crisis undertook?

From where crisis undertook?

About that across Europe and worldwide new "virus" which already managed to earn "epidemic" "rank" actively walks, knows everyone who though watches world events and country news a little. And here about that, from where undertook on the head of mankind it is disaster, found out, how it appeared, quite recently. Paul Krugman and Richard Leyard, known economists in the world and professors of Princeton University and the London School published results of the work in The Financial Times newspaper. And here about what there was a speech in their report.

Experts declare that methods of fight applied today with the crisis phenomena became inefficient and became outdated about tens years ago. «In particular, it is possible to tell with confidence that many economic and financial theories which and are actively used now by leading experts and operate fiscal policy of many countries, for a long time are disproved not only theoretically, but also in the world practice!» – speak the professor.

At present the majority of politicians surely that the reason of crisis is irresponsible accumulation by the countries of the state loans and debts. Experts say that with rare exception (as, for example, with Greece) it not so. As well as in the 1930th years, that is in the Great Depression in the USA, we deal with insufficient demand. However, and then was considered that the inappropriate offer appeared the reason of all troubles.

Now the economy works approximately as well as the radio Internet – the consumer receives exactly what wants. The problem only that the consumer or wants a little, or is afraid to take more.

Experts assume that, wishing to "escape", the countries will begin to lift interest rates, however it will finally bar to us a way to a victory over crisis and for a long time leaves all world economy in a stress condition.

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