Counted up Olympic Games

Counted up Olympic GamesLiterally in a year our country will hold winter Olympic Games in Sochi, certainly for Russians a great honor at us to hold these games of world value. But as they say, there is one but. By the last calculations of an expense for preparation for winter games for January 1, 2013 made 1,136 trillion rubles (and it is nearly 50 billion dollars), certainly not all money was allocated from treasury, 737 billion rubles investors enclosed.

Certainly it is necessary not to be the great financier or to carry out accounting consultations, it is clear and so that the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi on expenses "jumped" over the summer Olympic Games passing in London, and the most unclear in this question – why to reconstruct Sochi anew (namely and it turns out – on инфрактруктуру it was allocated 500 billion rubles) if Sochi any side is not necessary with the Olympic objects.

Vobshchem appears such picture – in the country there are no roads, there are no kindergartens and hospitals, and 50 billion dollars for seven days we found (by the way the big summer Olympic Games passing in Athens cost to organizers five times less), and whether will pay back myself those objects which remain after games?

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