Compensation from Oshchadbank

Compensation from Oshchadbank

Compensation from Oshchadbank

According to social initiatives of the president of Ukraine, from this month payments to investors of Savings Bank USSR begin. 

But payments will receive not everything, but only those citizens who managed to bring the data in the special register of investors till January first of the current year or which did not manage to receive compensatory payments four years ago.

For receiving such compensation it is required to staticize the data as the investor and this procedure is carried out in Oshchadbank. It passes since April second of this year. To manage to undergo this procedure, it is necessary to learn about those offices of Oshchadbank and, actually, time of carrying out procedure of updating. To make it it is possible, having called to the hot line, having sent the short text message on short number or having filled the special form on a site of the same Oshchadbank. However all this procedure reminds a certain lozhement – a difficult design for simple packing of the goods. Lozhementa, as we know, apply to advertizing, in cosmetic branch, perfumery, and also for packing of souvenirs.

It will be possible to receive compensation practically till the end of this year. And for all this time Oshchadbank of Ukraine plans to carry out payments to six million investors. The sum of compensation makes one thousand hryvnias. The same who is successors of the persons who not obtained compensation and have not lived till today, will pay compensation at a rate of five hundred in the state currency.

For the same who did not manage to be registered by the data as investors and did not register the compensatory account, registration will be already possible since September first of this year by means of information and analytical system of Oshchadbank.

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