Chemists baits

Chemists baits

Chemist’s baits

Recently the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych even more often speaks about innovations of social character. To such introduction of the referential prices for medicines, for example, belongs. In this regard the prime minister declared that drugstores with "defiantly" high prices will shortly close. This problem, actually, much more serious, after all price dispute in the sphere of pharmaceutics can seriously do much harm to consumers.

In many large cities of the country so-called drugstores discounters where cost of many drugs is much lower, than in standard chemist’s shops often meet. These are the whole networks which popularity thanks to well developed system gradually grows. Reasonable would be much to carry out the company sale of pharmaceutical production with use discount program, however such a form of realization call «crisis of a retail pharmaceutical market».

Often, coming into this or that drugstore, buyers not always know exact cost of the necessary medicine and if buy the new – that and podavno. They simply trust a loud sign «Social drugstore» or «The low prices» that, unfortunately, not always represents the facts. Competitors are compelled to reduce the prices not to lose the clients that manages them expenses.

Because of price policy there is a serious problem – criteria of quality of medicines leave on the second plan. The people pursue the minimum cost. At times people look for council concerning any medicine at one pharmacist, and buy it already in other drugstore – where is cheaper.

By the way, with drugstores discounters many manufacturing firms on двусторонне favorable conditions start to cooperate actively.

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