Business mania, game or reality

Business mania, game or realityMy eldest son, having read some best-sellers on business, decided what to study in institute is not necessary, there give a lot of superfluous and unnecessary. It very much touched me, since I am the accountant with an experience, but constantly something I study, I will take in a jungle of other branches that my economic problem met with the answer. But to the son extremist explain it could not. Once I came on a site, was tempted on biz prefix since thought that there will be something about business. Hit the nail: not something about business, and a lot of things about businesses – here it is possible to make the goods, to sell them to other firms, to put on realization in shops, to sell shops, banks, to take shares, ore, oil, to build shopping centers, to pursue science, agree with customs … It is Economic game Business Mania. But for me it not game as that, and a business simulator, i.e. I can промоделировать some situations of the business and calculate, whether it is favorable to me. You work as in real system, since game multiuser moreover and free. You influence all, all influence you. Me very much excited that will be, if I make a break in game, after all besides game there is also a real life. It appeared that it too very good business experience. If I adjusted the business correctly, counted some events beforehand, gained authority of the partners, got friends, everything will be OK!, and otherwise it is necessary to adjust everything again – precisely as in life. After a while the eldest son joined me, he was surprised very much by quantity of different nuances and unexpected situations which began to arise when opening its first shop. Here it was necessary to it to understand and accounting, and financial statements, and to seize specific terms. I exulted, all arguments for the son which at all did not come to me mind, here, on the financial exercise machine come up as self-evident. The average son decides to become whom: the scientist or the artist in advertizing? Yes please, try both that and that, all "reefs" will come up now, in game, instead of then, in life. And the younger daughter (9 years) carries on with me negotiations – you open while a beauty salon on its own behalf, and I will grow up and I will replace you. Already made the list of cosmetics and creams for the starting capital. But, as we understand, knowledge while is small. In total ahead!

Author: Olga Shevchenko

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