Where to enclose available funds

After our country by long diligence left crisis, many people have the same simple question: where it is possible to enclose available funds? Certainly, there is a possibility to conclude the contract with bank and to take the credit on the security of available property and to try to get the apartment in the house under construction. Which further it will be possible to hand over, and to get small profit. But all that was fashionable before crisis, now somehow lost an urgency. Now investments in real estate any more do not bring profit as in days of old. Many builders simply detain delivery of new houses. Now such investments can be simply risky, instead of what to guarantee sufficient profit. To invest money in bank too it is not too favorable. Because in many banks interest rates considerably decreased. In this situation we advise to pay your attention to the so-called mutual funds, the full name mutual funds.
The management company after receives money of investors, independently invests means in those projects which are actual exactly today. If to consider a natural cycle of economic recoveries and recessions, right now it is a high time to invest in mutual funds.,

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