Ukrainians acquire only housing «the house-keeper – a class»

Ukrainians acquire only housing «the house-keeper - a class»The market of the Ukrainian real estate continues to be in a deplorable state. Naturally, during certain periods of time it was possible to observe certain surges in activity of buyers. But these splashes, most likely, caused various hearings about introduction of restrictions on cash calculation upon housing purchase, hearings about introduction of innovations in rules of an assessment of property, and also increase in cost of this assessment. Insignificant surges in activity of buyers were observed in certain segments. The housing belongs to such narrow segments the house-keeper – a class, first of all, such real estate and is in demand for buyers the raised.

As reports news agency, the elite real estate in Ukraine is on sale very difficult and if all – is possible to sell it, from the declared initial cost it is possible to take away 20-30 percent at once.

The only thing that it is possible to notice now, is an increase in activity in a segment of rent of inexpensive real estate (one-room or two-room apartments). According to experts, it is connected, first of all, by that to students is necessary where – that to live if they study not in the hometown: summer vacations ended, students returned for study and again began to remove housing.

In September – October small lifting in housing rent is always observed. And here demand for rent of commercial real estate is not high. Business – the centers in the large cities are filled very slowly. Therefore, as experts consider, the market of the Ukrainian real estate remains in a stagnation stage.

Prospects at present also are very doubtful. Inhabitants of Ukraine simply have no money for housing purchase. In the country actually there is no middle class. That Ukrainians started to buy housing, first of all banks should reduce percent on a mortgage loan.

Also, according to the experts, some activity in the market of real estate can appear in case in the country soon there will be no serious economic and political cataclysms. After all the Ukrainian market of real estate instantly reacts to crisis in the country.

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