Typology of the Business collectives

So, we continue conversation and we get acquainted with different types of collectives. The good expert dreams of friendly, able-bodied staff in which will carry out not disappointingly the most part of the able-bodied life. And if it is intolerable what to do?

«Swan, cancer and pike»

In such collective all well perform the work, since a development stage. But at data of all efforts together – the project starts to break up. «The truth of a problem not at once reveals: intrigues in collective are not present, colleagues belong among themselves friendly, footboards is not observed, all professionals, but the cart is at a stop».

In collective there is no worked mechanism of interaction of parts of the whole. The group of people needs to think over accurate and clear roles for everyone and to appoint the coordinator.

At the adjusted vertically horizontal communications, accurate duties and powers, a common goal the mechanism of the planned project will be started turning. Add productive meetings plus corporate interesting leisure. The main goal of rapprochement of collective – to renew contacts that let’s be scattered to collective.

Osinoye gnezdosovsy it is unclear that holds people together in such collective. Probably, they simply have no alternative. Charges of incompetence of each other are every minute audible, look for any occasion to trip up, point to unreasonable shortcomings, behind the back prevent to work each other.
The illness begins with certain disappointments: in a related way the expert low-understanding business is put by the head of department, because of his incompetence cut the project as it could not defend it above … The head of department professes a principle: «Orders of the administration are not discussed».
In the beginning pits each worker tries to save project situation, fights and proves something. In a consequence the quantity of "disagreements" increases, workers get confused in the intrigues, their war develops against all.
There is a feeling разноязычья in collective. As soon as there is a possibility of change of work, employees in a trice will run. In collective there are tempered, professional squabblers who celebrate the victory.

 The conclusion is clear, a clinical case.

"Ant hill" Since the beginning of the working day boils work at office, at everyone the scope of work. Phones crack, muffle each other. On a corridor employees run, greet. Ask them a name and a patronymic running, there can be difficulties. The next departments meet together on anniversaries of firm or grandiose holidays for demonstration of financial power of office.
Usually the head of an ant hill is the severe lady or «the serious uncle» who are focused on the end result. It practically has no interest to a human factor.

About sick-lists on the care of the child or at emergence of break of a pipe it is possible to hear to pain known for everything that it is your problems and to solve them it is necessary in extra working hours.
On work everything is accurate, coped, stability, solid earnings, but the employee feels as a small screw of the big mechanism. In such collective only «iron woodcutters», at which unique purpose to save on the car or the apartment long keep. The workaholic maniac who does not allow to interfere with his duties, will be engaged in the business to pension and to be proud of the position. For the normal person, the good expert such collective serves as acquisition of experience which will understand in the near future and will draw a conclusion that knowledge is, it is time to look for a new place also.

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