The credits will give not the All banks

The credits will give not the All banks

The credits will give not banks

Already for a long time in Ukraine the set of the enterprises which provide to the employees the credits for housing acquisition operates. Recently Alexander Popov holding a post of the director of an architectural workshop of "Arkhimatik", sounded a pleasant forecast for simple employees – the number of such enterprises will already grow in the near future.

Such possibility appeared thanks to the resolution of the Supreme court of Ukraine. This article allows legal entities to finance each other needlessly to obtain special permit of National bank of Ukraine or National committee of financial services. From now on the enterprises which have obtained the license for implementation of profile activity in the territory of Ukraine, can use crediting possibility for motivation of own employees, thus receiving additional profits. Experts argue that the most part of Ukrainians can shortly take a mortgage loan from own employer (the legal entity on behalf of whom was the workplace is provided to it).

As experts shared opinion that such practice becomes fine alternative to the inaccessible bank credits. «Inaccessibility of the credits in banks becomes that "push" for emergence and development of new instruments of attraction of means!» – experts speak.

It should be noted that fact that in Ukraine and earlier there were enterprises which gave out the credits to the employees, but only to "most reliable" of them. Now, possibly, a framework will be expanded. If to "borrow" to the employee money earlier, the bank needed to obtain the license for implementation of non-core activity, now the road to delivery of the credits is open, so, and to receiving those – too.

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