Pluses and minuses of creation of venture funds of

Pluses and minuses of creation of venture funds of

Pluses and minuses of creation of venture funds

We invite you to take part in the Round table «Pluses and minuses of creation of the venture funds which are carrying out investments in Russia, in domestic and foreign jurisdictions» which will take place on October 22, 2012 (Monday) at 11:00 in RAMI "RIA Novosti news agency" press center.

The Russian economy strongly located in the offshore: experts recognize that only small part of the large domestic companies carries out the significant transactions on the Russian legislation. This tendency is even more strongly felt, when it is a question of economy of innovations: it is based on knowledge which cannot be adhered to the concrete country.

The majority of the international venture funds also operate from the offshore, on model of limited partnership (Limited Partnership). Why? The matter is that the offshore works by the British right. And it is checked by time and right application practice from the point of view of settlement of the rights of investors and partners, their equation.

The majority of the Russian venture funds in recent years were created in the form of the closed mutual funds of especially brave (venture) investments – ZPIF OR (In) I.Problema that this form is suitable only for big funds on volume as it is excessively regulated so the road in management. And more convenient organizational and legal form in the Russian legislation still was not. And here at the beginning of this year it appeared – investment association. Let not the full – but after all analog of Limited Partnership.

Participants of the Round table will discuss, whether solves emergence of an organizational and legal form of investment association all problems of creation of venture funds, including – international, in the Russian jurisdiction. Or still there are unresolved problems?

In the Round table will act:

  • Agamirzyan Igor Rubenovich, the director general and the chairman of the board of JSC RVK – the moderator of the Round table;
  • Ryazantsev Jan Vladimirovich, director of the department of investments, board member of JSC RVK;
  • Representatives of management companies of venture funds and the direct investment funds conducting operations in Russia.

The main questions which are taken out on the Round table:

1. The venture funds which are already carrying out today investments in Russia, what they from the point of view of jurisdictions and organizational and legal forms? Pluses and minuses.

2. International experience of carrying out venture investments: why offshore, British right and LP? Pluses and minuses.

3 whether. Use of foreign jurisdictions for venture funds with the Russian capital and carrying out investments in Russia and abroad, so-called «capital export» is? Whether there are negative consequences from use of foreign jurisdictions for realization tax, tariff, customs and others the politician of our state?

4. Investment association – a new organizational and legal form for the venture funds, most approached to LP. As far as it is convenient for creation of venture funds? Pluses and minuses.

5 whether. There is enough introduction of an organizational and legal form of Investment association to make domestic jurisdiction preferable?

6. What problems still need to be solved to increase appeal of the Russian jurisdiction to creation of venture funds?

7. What recommendations of participants of the Round table for the players of the market creating venture funds for investments into the Russian and foreign technological businesses, in case of use in whole or in part the capital of the Russian origin?

Press center address: Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4, the new press center in RAMI "RIA Novosti news agency", the Presidential hall. The request at itself to have the passport.

Meeting participants and salutatory coffee with 10.30 till 11.00 at an entrance in the Presidential hall. 11.00-12.30-Round table.

Accreditation on the Round table:

Danchina Julia,  ph. +7 909 687 07 89,

Bakrenko Natalia,   ph. +7 915 196 97 61,

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