Counterfeit gold products of

Counterfeit gold products of

Counterfeit gold products

Again in a turn a fake of gold ornaments!

One of these days each organization which signed the contract with NBU about delivery of a breakage of precious metals and is engaged in a pawn kind of activity and as buying up of precious metals received the letter from NBU about a fake of gold jewels.

Generally the State skarbnitsa of Ukraine leads up to your data that recently at reception of values from buying up and pawnshops, especially from the Kharkov area, a significant amount of identical fakes of gold jewels, namely wedding rings is at the same time revealed.

These imitations of wedding rings, are made at high professional level. From above covering by a gold foil of the 585th test of gold in the middle silver, mass of imitations is in limits from 3,30 g to 4,36г. Imitations of wedding rings the imennik of "8HIN", "GVHP" and a brand of "R" (have office of probirny control of the Donetsk state enterprise of probirny control to Kramatorsk). In this regard NBU prays to take necessary measures for the relation of identification of fakes of gold jewels at their assessment.

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