Buffett refused to take Google and Apple

Buffett refused to take Google and Apple

Buffett refused to take Google and Apple shares

As the investor told Warren to Baffet, to buy a part of Apple and Google soon it does not gather. He also told that if was their owner, at all would not began to sell. «I at all will not be surprised, if 10 years later cost of these companies (and the Apple) is much higher than Google, than now, however I am not going to buy from them a share. Nevertheless, it does not mean that I write-off them», – the financier added. Such comments from Baffeta were heard at annual meeting of shareholders of Berkshire Hathway – firms which he heads.

Last year many investors were shocked with that this company made purchase of actions of the engineering and computer organization IBM which cost made 11,75 billion dollars. According to words Baffeta to be mistaken with investments in IBM for its company it is more difficult, than with Apple and Google actions. Berkshire Hathway is known for the skeptical relation to the companies of a technological orientation.

It should be noted that Baffet constantly takes leading positions in a rating of the richest people of the world. Its condition makes about 44 billion dollars. In April doctors found in it a cancer at an initial stage.

The net profit of the Berkshire Hathway company in the first quarter of this year grew twice in comparison with the same period of last year and made 3245 million dollars. The final revenue of a conglomerate increased in 4,12 times. These are the freshest data.

Berkshire Hathaway represents the diversified investment conglomerate including production, financial and insurance, power and transport assets. In addition, in its order there are packages the various known world companies – American Express, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, Procter & Gamble, etc. In February, 2010 Baffet concluded the largest bargain for all the time: its company bought the American railway company BNSF for 34 billion dollars.

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