Termites ate money for the sum of 10 million rupees in the Indian bank!

Termites ate money for the sum of 10 million rupees in the Indian bank!Small insects, long only in ten millimeters, became the reason of loss of the huge sum of money. Termites destroyed a set of the banknotes which total amount made about ten million rupees that in a dollar equivalent makes about 225 000 American dollars. Affected banknotes were in one of the Indian banks, in its storage. This bank is in the north of the country in the city under the name Uttar Pradesh. According to reported information, the employee of bank found the damaged cash last week when it opened storage.

On this fact investigation was begun. Employees of police should find out how termites managed to get into a steel box in which money was stored. It is known that the notes which have injured from termites were placed in bank in January.

A little earlier termites very strongly damaged a set of various documents, and also pieces of furniture in this bank.

In India this case far not the first. In total a few years ago various sources reported about one trader who decided to leave in bank all own savings in the form of securities and currency. Subsequently termites also got into a cell in which all this was stored, and also ate all contents.

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