Ivano-Frankovsk ODES Raiffeisenbank of Aval decided to support project preparation under the name «Lets rescue treasures together!»

In the city of Ivano-Frankovsk project preparation under the name «Still proceeds we will rescue treasures together!». The purpose of this project is preservation and restoration of various works of the Ukrainian sacral art.

As organizers of this project acted the Ivano-Frankovsk museum of local lore (its funds total not less than 120 000 exhibits), and also the Youth art formation of "Forums". One more active participant in this project is Ivano-Frankovsk ODES Raiffeisenbank of Aval.

Throughout the long period of time the church was that place in which only the best achievements of art were represented. Unfortunately many samples of an iconography and a sculpture at present need restoration and preservation. Ivano-Frankovsk ODES Raiffeisenbank of Aval became one of the first participants of this project which decided to take «We will rescue treasures together!». And they made it not only in the material plan, but also helped with the organization.

This project starts for the third day of a holiday of Easter, on April 26. It also will take the beginning directly «under columns» Ivano-Frankovsk bank ODES. It is made for the purpose of familiarizing as it is possible bigger number of people to financial support for restoration of works of a sculpture and an iconography.

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