Damage from sanctions for the budget of Iran of

Damage from sanctions for the budget of Iran ofThe news edition of Associated Press published information that Iran used for placement of the budgetary replenishments from oil sale foreign accounts, and at present the state cannot dispose of the earned financial resources somehow. Such statement was made by the unnamed official of the United States of America.

The government of the North American state considers that for the first half of the current year Tehran managed to earn at the expense of oil export more than three billion US dollars in a month one and a half billion from which were transferred to foreign bank accounts by consumers of raw materials. If to compare the current indicators to similar data of two-year prescription, then the average proceeds of Iran from realization of oil made 8 billions units of the American currency a month.

The authorities of States analysed balance of foreign trade of the Asian power with raw importers and drew a conclusion concerning blocking about fifty percent of the income of Iran abroad.

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The American authorities developed new sanctions concerning the Islamic state at the end of winter of this year. The main task of the USA is restriction of access of Iran to financial resources which arrive from "black gold" realization. Restrictive measures provide transfer by buyers of the Iranian raw materials of money to frozen accounts on which Tehran has the right to acquire not getting under action of sanctions the goods at other states. Also expenditure of money for the purpose of humanitarian assistance is allowed.

If import powers of raw materials do not operate according to sanctions of States, the last promise them an exception of national system of finance. China, India and some more other states do not get under action of the American sanctions for the reason that Washington expects reduction of their purchases.

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