Ukraine was included into the three of leaders of

Ukraine was included into the three of leaders of

Ukraine was included into the three of leaders

But do not hurry to rejoice to this fact. Ukraine was included into the three of leaders on number of the mobile devices infected with viruses. According to NQ Mobile, 6 % from all infected gadgets are in Ukraine. Ahead of us only Russia – 10 % and China – 39 %. And if to make recalculation of infected Ukrainian phones to total of phones registered in Ukraine, we will receive even more depressing statistics. And if at the beginning of 2013 we took the 9th place, in April already appeared on the 6th, and at the end of the first half of the year became the third.

This statistics says that Ukrainians in overwhelming majority thoughtlessly treat safety issues of the devices or at all do not suspect that there are viruses in the mobile phone. And after all than viruses which we catch on the devices are fraught? Conditionally they can be divided into three groups:

  • viruses which abduct confidential data, for the purpose of their further illegal use;
  • programs which carry out calls and sendings of messages without the knowledge of the owner on paid numbers that threatens with write-off of the considerable sums from your mobile account;
  • viruses which crack mobile appendices of m banking and other appendices, which owners use at work with banks and performance of payments, the purpose – theft of means from bank accounts and payment systems.

In a percentage ratio it looks so:

43 % are PNP (potentially undesirable programs) which espionage programs, spam, trojans etc. concern;

32 % – programs for earnings on personal information;

23 % – completely block operation of phone.

Traditional leaders in creation of a harmful content Russian-speaking and Chinese hackers.

How to check the mobile phone on viruses?

For a start to remember one simple thing – leaving from the mobile phone on the Internet, you in a risk zone! Besides viruses come through unprotected блютуз and in SMS messages. An exit one – to learn матчасть, i.e. to master elements of computer literacy. It is clear that virus programs become more and more sophisticated, but carrying out some simple rules, you will secure yourselves and the phone against a large number of troubles. Here some simple councils:

  1. At once to establish an antivirus. The choice of the developer of the anti-virus appendix depends on an operating system of your phone. Programs can be paid and free. The antivirus should be in the included condition constantly.
  2. Limit actions блютуза only to the registered devices, do not establish full access to phone.
  3. With care treat calls and SMS from unknown to you telephone numbers. Even if offers are very tempting.

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