Water-melons will personally supervise process of return of deposits to investors Rodovid Banka

According to the message of the press service of National Bank of Ukraine, Sergey Arbuzov who at present holds a post of the chairman of National bank of Ukraine, declared that will independently supervise all process of return of deposits to individuals who made investments in Rodovid Bank. These payments will be carried out by means of establishments of the state Oshchadbank.

In the message Sergey Arbuzov declared that will personally check a question of these payments. Still he told that heads of Oshchadbank do all that is possible to avoid every possible turns and misunderstanding. He also asked to report about arising problems to Oshchadbank and National Bank through contact center in order that they could eliminate them immediately.

S.Arbuzov reminded that process of these payments will be carried out, beginning since April 22. Registration of investors gone bankrupt Rodovid Banka for their identification in Oshchadbank at present proceeds. According to Arbuzov’s statement each investor can receive the savings in full in currency of the deposits without any penalties because of early removal of means.

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