The National Bank of Belarus plans to leave for a uniform exchange rate in May of

The National Bank of Belarus plans to leave for a uniform exchange rate in May ofThe national bank of Belarus in May of the current year expects to leave on a uniform exchange rate. It is supposed to be made after the bank will obtain external loans, Anatoly Moroz holding a post of the chief of head department of currency regulation and control of national bank of Belarus reported on Friday at a briefing in Minsk.

«We count on those loans which should come from the outside. The government, together with National Bank developed a number of measures. Us external loans are expected, in particular we carry on negotiations with the Russian Federation for granting to us the credit. «We are sure that this question will be finally solved in May», Anatoly Moroz told. He also added that after that they can leave on a uniform course.

In the answers to questions of journalists A.Moroz noted that to dollar he considers a present Belarusian rouble exchange rate quite adequate. «It actually is an adequate assessment. The exposed course in the off-exchange market is overestimated», Anatoly Moroz emphasized.

He also noted that citizens of Belarus remove the deposits in the Belarusian rubles, and transfer them to currency. According to him the National bank of Belarus does not want to spend gold and foreign exchange reserves for sale to their population therefore it and entered some restrictions.

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