The Kiev bank grants the loan to Karlovsky mechanical plant of

PAO «grants to JSB Kiev the loan which general bag will make twenty million hryvnias, to the Karlovsky mechanical plant, located in the city of Karlovka, Poltava region. This plant specializes on manufacturing of the special equipment for the food industry and mechanical engineering production.

The Karlovsky mechanical plant actively exports production to such countries, as Belarus and the Russian Federation. The Kiev bank gives out the credit to this enterprise, thereby realizes a state policy which is directed at present on support of real sector of economy, Evgeny Sobolev holding a post of the Director of the department of active operations of JSB Kiev emphasizes.

The Karlovsky mechanical plant was constructed in 1995. Today this plant makes fuel trucks, tankers for milk transportation, the various equipment for the food industry, toplivozapravshchik, and tankers of different function.

For the reference: PAO «was based by JSB Kiev in 1993 and registered in National Bank of Ukraine on May 19, 1993. The bank provides a full package deal for private and individuals, and is one of participants of Fund of guaranteeing deposits for individuals.

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