The Hreshchatik bank will pay compensations to investors of JSB Evropeysky of

The Hreshchatik bank already far not the first time represents itself as the agent of Fund of guaranteeing deposits for payment to investors of those banks which went bankrupt. This action is good confirmation of stability and high bank liquidity. It also confirms its high status as the reliable partner who in any circumstances, in any situation will execute the obligations.

The Hreshchatik bank, together with other banks being agents of this Fund, since April 21, will start payment to investors of JSB Evropeysky of their investments. JSB Evropeysky is today at an elimination stage. These payments will be made during the period from April 21 to May 19 the current year. To receive the guaranteed sum of compensation, the investor should show the certificate of assignment of identification number of the payer of a tax, or the passport in agent bank.

After the termination of date of payments those investors which for any reasons did not manage to receive the guaranteed compensation should address directly in Fund of guaranteeing deposits. The maximum size of that sum which is paid as compensation to investors of liquidated banks, will make 150 thousand hryvnias.

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