Stability of the Ukrainian economy under doubt of

Stability of the Ukrainian economy under doubt of

Stability of the Ukrainian economy under doubt

Representatives of the International Monetary Fund consider that the Ukrainian government hardly can keep within the planned framework of deficiency of the state budget of 1,8 % from an internal gross product if will not increase the income and will not reduce expenses. Such statement was made by Max Alyer, the constant representative of the International Monetary Fund in Ukraine, during carrying out a round table under the name «Financial stability in Ukraine: main calls of the second half of the year».

According to the representative to balance the state budget, it is necessary not only to raise tariffs for gas use, but also to raise taxes for rich segments of the population, and also to reconsider an account part of the state estimate towards reduction and to reduce tax privileges.

Nevertheless, the First Deputy Minister of Finance Anatoly Myarkovsky with confidence says that the budget deficit in 2012 nevertheless will not exceed 1,8 %. The basis for such statement is the current budgetary dynamics. In particular – increase of receipts in the state budget from some services.

According to the rector of the International institute of business Alexander Savchenko, in a macroeconomic situation which exists today, Ukraine should not concentrate unduly on reduction of deficiency of the state budget, and on the contrary, to recover it, doing new economic injections. The expert also considers that today it is also necessary to think and of programs of development which will well affect an economic situation as a whole.

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