So to hold, Vinnytsia!

So to hold, Vinnytsia!

So to hold, Vinnytsia!

Recently very often on eyes materials that residents Vinnytsia in something the first or the best come across. That first place on the Olympic Games occupied, something developed, introduced, started. And if to speak about the city, it is pleasant, elegant, pure and simply beautiful small town, with the musical fountain first in Ukraine and the Swiss tramvaychik.

And as natural result – the first place on a standard of living in the Fokus magazine. The annual rating of publishing house is published already in the seventh time. And Vinnytsia headed it for the first time, having begun in 2008 with the 37th place. The Forbes magazine noted Vinnytsia among leaders on growth rates of volumes of realization of production and an average salary. On introduction of innovations the city can give odds, not much much, the capital of Ukraine. But there is more to come achievements. The latest news of Vinnytsia – the city involves 150 million hryvnias, having become the first in the crediting program under state guarantees on development of municipal economy. The received money it is planned to direct on end of a tram route of Cherry – Barskoye Highway and purchase of 30 new buses and 40 trolleybuses. The credit under state guarantees is favorable to that the city should return the same 150 million hryvnias in a current of 10 years, and 50 % of a body of the credit and percent on it are compensated from the state budget.

It is possible to make rather impressive list of achievements of the city as a whole and винничан in particular, but very much it would be desirable to understand, in what a secret. Residents consider that they were very lucky with the mayor. Here so, there is not a lot of much – that at the head there was a worthy. And that this worthy collected round itself professional team. And still that the so-called opposition which except how to work with language to anything else did not learn did not prevent to work. Then the city will start to blossom and inhabitants can live and open the talents, instead of spend the forces for a survival, because in the country, you see crisis. And in confirmation the foregoing should add that population outflow from the city rather low and unemployment too. That is what turns out, it is possible? Despite crisis and other whirlwinds hostile?

Well here to add, only a wish: «Good fellow, Vinnytsia! Good fellow, Mayor! So to hold!» And who is not agrees, let will make better.

Author: Kashubina

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