Megabank defines the main priorities of work for 2011 of

At the annual general meeting which has taken place in the current year on April 20, reports of Board, Audit commission and the Supervisory board by results of "Megabank" activity in the current year were approved as shareholders of "Megabank". Also at this meeting shareholders accepted the annual financial report of bank, defined an order of distribution of profit, and also approved the main activities the current year.

According to that decision which was accepted at the meeting, five percent from that profit which was received in previous year, will go to reserve fund. The rest will be sent to fund of development of material base of "Megabank".

Current 2011 strategy of bank will be directed generally on increase of efficiency of activity of bank. It will need to be carried out at increase in volume of highly remunerative assets. Also it will be for this purpose necessary to optimize administrative expenses at observance of various procedures risk management. Within the current year the bank plans to provide a gain of assets to level in four billion hryvnias by the end of the year, and also to increase a credit portfolio of "Megabank" on 366 million hryvnias.

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