Interestingly about dollar of

Interestingly about dollar of

Interestingly about dollar

The stablest and popular currency in the world has quite long history and very good future if, certainly, across the USA will not strike new crisis. However, very few people knows that accepted around the world «гринбэк» has "twin brothers" in many countries of the world.

So, for example, dollars, but not American, but, local, use in Australia, Belize, Singapore and Taiwan, and in Brunei, Canada and New Zealand. In a word, popularity to it not to occupy. It is interesting that the concept "dollar" as "billiard tables", for the first time appeared not in America, but exactly here gained the key value. So, the specified designs were known in Ancient Egypt and only then visited the majority of the countries of the world. It is known that this game is very popular in the USA. And here the known name of dollar – "Dollar" – appeared in America thanks to interest-free bills payment on which was conducted to bearer.

Today dollars do not let out face value more than in $100. The ban on the press of those appeared in 1965 and was signed by Richard Nixon. However bank notes face value in 500, 1000 and even 10 thousand dollars earlier were issued. Despite that the ban is imposed, and today still owners such rare "editions" can pay off with them in any bank or even shop. Another thing is that numerous collectors are ready to pay for them much more expensively them par value.

100 dollars mentioned already – the most popular banknote in the world, in any country, except States where it is used extremely seldom. Too the sum for payment of services by it and the goods is great. Besides, Americans prefer long ago the clearing settlement. But the most mysterious fact about dollar, certainly, concerns masons. And today still many trust in what they traced mysterious symbols of MDCCLXXVI and as an integral part of an official stamp of the USA – a pyramid from 13 steps and without top on dollar.

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