In Ukraine on education of boys more cure of

is required In Ukraine on education of boys more cure of

In Ukraine on education of boys more cure is required

On girls the Ukrainian parents spend approximately for 15-20 % less, than on boys. To such conclusion Marina Sysoyev, the financial adviser and mother of two children came, being based on comparison of expenses on clothes, hobbies and school accessories.

According to the woman, in the matter most essentially under the family budget the children’s clothes "beat". Certainly, the clothes wholesale from the producer for the child are hardly acquired. That fact is interesting, what even a variety of clothes for girls concedes at the price to boyish "rags".

In respect of costs of hobbies leadership also gets to young men. Their expenses on sports shoes and equipment, campaigns at cinema, various IT gadgets and other out-of-school activity manage to a family more expensively, than purchase for beginning women of fashion of cosmetics, accessories and, of course, ensuring their comfortable leisure.

The medical care of the child (drugs are not considered) demands money not too much. In our country many parents owing to limited financial possibilities use usual policlinics (to pay the medical insurance in 500-600 dollars everyone can far allow not). With bigger hunting parents invest in development of children (sports, dances, the fine arts, etc.).

About a half of expenses is the share of children’s clothes, footwear and, naturally, a food. As Ukrainians want to indulge children beautiful things, producers of the children’s goods and the brands which are guided by young consumers, feel decrease in sales least. Marina Belogolovaya, the director for work with clients of the Kids Market Consulting company, is convinced of the return: for example, producers of drinks and products, at the expense of a special inscription «for children» in addition rise in the price for production, knowing that for the child parents are ready on a lot of things.

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